Kamensk-Uralskiy metallurgical plant has no emission permit

30 September 2008 (07:54)

Deputy Head of Ural Federal District’s division of Rostechnadzor (the state environmental, technological, and nuclear safety watchdog) Nikolai Krupinin chaired a meeting on Kamensk Uralskiy metallurgical plant’s compliance with the environmental legislation.

In fact, the plant was reported to be operating without a water-dumping permit or waste-production regulations since December 2007. What is more, the enterprise kept working without an air emission license since May 2007 despite the fact that its emission level tripled over the time. Then, the metallurgical plant’s conservation program for 2008 was lacking the plans to restore the sludge collectors or launch any waste disposal plants.

The meeting resulted in the decision not to let the plant deal in any water dumping or air pollution and to set the limits for the company’s waste disposal. Besides, the plant was ordered to draw up a conservation program. In case the company keeps violating the existing environmental legislation, Ural Federal District’s division of Rostechnadzor will have to take the case to court and insist on freezing the plant’s operation.

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