Dmitriy Medvedev speaks highly of Academic district, Rustem Galeev reports

8 October 2008 (08:33)

‘The construction of Yekaterinburg’s future Academic district will first and foremost have an impact on the potential customers’ idea of what a quality home is. We haven’t seen such carefully planned and detailed housing projects in Yekaterinburg yet, so Academic will improve on both the quality of and the supply of modern housing in the city,’ says Ural Chamber of Real Estate’s CEO Rustem Galeev.

In the meantime, Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev spoke rather favorably of the pace and the quality of the construction during his recent meeting with Renova Group’s Chairman Viktor Vekselberg. The President also commented on the way the business and the state managed to communicate.

Rustem Galeev feels this meeting signifies the certain expectations the region’s housing market has of Academic district.

‘The President was pleased with the project implementation because multi-faceted area development is one of Russian housing program’s top priorities,’ he says.

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