Yekaterinburg to expand through Academic district, Russian Government says

7 August 2008 (15:03)

Russian Vice Premier Alexander Zhukov and Minister for Regional Development Dmitriy Kozak chaired a videoconference where acting Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government Anatoly Gredin made his report.

The meeting was devoted to the strategic problems of large-scale housing construction in Russia. Alexander Zhukov said the days of sporadic housing construction were gone and insisted on switching to multi-faceted area development where housing construction was necessarily accompanied by the introduction of modern engineering and social infrastructures. In this connection, the issue of supporting Academic multi-faceted area development project in Yekaterinburg sounded particularly vital.

The Russian Government stated recently that the federation’s constituent entities with special long-term multi-faceted area development programs were going to receive some substantial funding from the federal authorities meant for putting up engineering and social infrastructures. Apart from such projects, the region must deal in some state-private partnership projects (involving some large-scale investors) successfully. Academic construction project in Yekaterinburg is one example of this cooperation in Sverdlovsk Region.

Alexander Zhukov noted in the course of the videoconference that Academic project was being implemented quite dynamically in terms of both housing construction and the setting up of social infrastructure, so the management’s efforts should now be focused on keeping up with the existing tempo.

Acting Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government Anatoly Gredin assured the official that the regional authorities would support Academic project as best they could.

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