MegaFon Ural reduced MegaFon Modem’s price

9 September 2008 (07:34)

MegaFon Ural nearly halved the price of their MegaFon Modem packages, so the set of a USB modem and MegaFon Modem Plus 2, a special tariff designed to be advantageous for mobile web users, comes to 2,300 RUR now (all taxes included). What is more, if you buy the package, you get an additional 300-megabyte Mobile Internet GPRS package for only 100 RUR (all taxes included) and they only charge you 2.2 RUR per each megabyte of traffic after you’ve used up this package, MegaFon Ural’s press officer reports.

In addition, customers who buy the MegaFon Modem package will only have to start paying their subscription fees in the month that follows the one when they bought the package.

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