MegaFon Ural makes mobile e-services cheaper

21 March 2008 (09:19)

MegaFon Ural was the first of the Urals’ three leading mobile operators to decrease the cost of mobile Internet connection by 43%. In addition, the company launched a number of new offers like Internet 250 MB and Internet 1,500 MB for active users and 1,000 Text Messages for those who enjoy texting. If you buy big portions of traffic, it costs you much less. If you use Internet 1,500 MB, for example, you’ll only pay 1.3 RUR per megabyte (all taxes included).

‘Our flexible market policies and reacting promptly to the customers’ needs mean we can make voice communication, as well as data transfer, texting, and multimedia messaging quite affordable,’ the company’s Deputy GD and CFO Tatiana Sukhotina says.

The new offers are available regardless of the tariff scheme one is using. There is no link-up fee, while the monthly subscriber’s fee comes to 650 RUR for Internet 250 MB and to 1,950 RUR for Internet 1,000 MB, and the wholesale cost of the 1,000 Text Messages package comes to 470 RUR a month. All the taxes are covered by these prices. The money is withdrawn from your mobile phone’s account automatically.

MegaFon Ural’s customers have earlier been offered MegaFon-Modem, Internet 10 MB and Internet 50 MB packages, and packages consisting of 100, 150, and 300 text messages.

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