Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant undergoes audit

5 September 2008 (07:13)

Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (part of ChTPZ Group) underwent re-certification audit by TUF CERT and proved the compliance of its EN and DIN standard-based boiler tubes with the European directive 97/23 and AD 2000 W0/TRD100 technical requirements.

‘We needed to have our weldless tubes and pipes certified in accordance with these requirements due to the stable demand for these goods; besides, one has to have such a certificate in order to deliver one’s produce to the EU,’ the enterprise’s press officer says.

The certificating body’s experts examined the enterprise’s main production shops involved in the manufacturing of boiler tubes as well as a number of testing laboratories, the metrological service division, and the quality control department. The experts stated that Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant’s production and quality management systems complied with all the European directives and European norms, so the enterprise was given the compliance certificates valid through September 2010.

‘The successful completion of re-certification audit procedures proves that Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant is a reliable supplier with good and stable quality produce,’ the press officer notes.

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