Governor of Chelyabinsk Region meets poultry producers

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin met President of Rosptitsesoyuz Vladimir Fisinin, President of Germany-based Lomann Rudolf Preisenger and General Director of Chelyabinsk poultry plant Vladimir Murashov. The spokesperson for the Governor reports the entrepreneurs arrived in Chelyabinsk region in order to attend Lomann’s annual seminar; the thing is, birds of Lomann’s cross are raised at Chelyabinsk poultry plant.

Vladimir Fisinin says poultry farms are developing all over Russia in a rather successful way, with Chelyabinsk Region outstripping all the other parts of the country in terms of production growth: local farmers’ poultry and eggs output in January-August 2007 exceeded last year’s figures by 60% and 80%, respectively.

‘Our development has been aided by cooperating with partners from other Russian regions and from other countries within the framework of Lomann workshops,’ says Vladimir Murashov. Regional producers are trying to use the most advanced technologies and the best equipment, some of which is still unheard of even in Western Europe.

Rudolf Preisenger notes Chelyabinsk Region can boast first-class experts who are capable of mastering modern technologies quite painlessly, whereas in Germany, it’s somewhat hard to introduce something new, since most agricultural producers are private farms.

According to Governor Petr Sumin, the region’s poultry farms invest a lot to make sure their production processes keep up with the times, so Chelyabinsk Region is Russia’s fourth largest producer of poultry and third largest egg producer. The regional farmers are expected to supply the market with 76,000 tons of poultry and 830 million eggs in January-September 2007 and 100,000 tons of poultry and 1.1 billion eggs in 2007.

‘Our poultry output decupled over the last decade, since we only produced 12,000 tons in 1997. The main thing, though, is that our foods are good quality ones and enjoy great demand,’ the Governor said.

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