Ural Airlines reduces fuel fees

15 August 2008 (08:13)

Ural Airlines keeps reducing the fuel fee – an essential part of an airplane ticket’s price. The fuel fee for tickets travelers use to fly to Egypt has gone down by 12% since the beginning of August 2008, while the fuel has grown 13% less expensive in Egyptian airports over the same period of time.

The airline’s press officer reports most Russian airports are only planning to decrease their fuel prices in mid-August.

‘In case the fuel becomes, say, 2% cheaper, we’ll have to decrease our basic prices by 1%, and this will be the right thing economically. At the same time, we are hoping to get more passengers flying to Egypt this season, which is why the reduction of our fuel fees was almost twice as large as we had initially planned,’ says Ural Airlines’ CFO Elena Ikchurina.

‘All in all, given the fuel price fluctuations within the 2% to 3% range, the decrease in the price of the tickets won’t amount to much more than 100 RUR. In the meantime, jet fuel prices are going up again in the north of Russia, so price increases vary between 4% at the airport of Irkutsk and 58% at the airport of Salekhard; thus the fuel price increase of 13% recorded in Yakutsk is something of the average,’ the carrier’s press officer says.

Jet fuel prices rose by 42% in most Russian and foreign airports in the first half of the year.

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