Koltsovo Airport Raises Jet Fuel Prices

5 August 2011 (09:30)

Yekaterinburg-based Koltsovo Airport is about to raise its jet fuel prices by 1,000 RUR per ton.

Jet fuel is available for 26,150 RUR per ton at the moment, and starting August 9, 2011, the airport’s price list will state that the fuel will be sold for 27,200 RUR per ton. The increase thus amounts to 4%.

This is actually the second time prices have gone up recently. The previous 4% increase was announced by the airport on May 24, 2011.

The air carriers have already responded to this rise: they will have to make the price of plane tickets go up.

Jet fuel expenses constitute about 27% of the prime cost of a flight. This is why even a slight increase in the jet fuel prices means the flight becomes costlier. We managed to keep the prices steady at the start of the high season, but now the company is forced to reconsider its prices and raise its fares and fuel fees,’ Ural Airlines told UrBC.

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