RenovaStroyGroup’s Academic project is environmentally conscious, Nikolai Kalinkin says

‘One unique thing about RenovaStroyGroup’s Academic construction project is a lot of attention the developer pays to environmental issues. Their multi-faceted area development approach provides for the construction of objects needed not only for work and rest but also for the harmonious relations between humans and nature. This means the developer is trying to create a totally new environment for the local people’s full-fledged life,’ says Chairman of Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the All-Russian Environmental Protection Society and Director of Oleniye Ruchi natural park Nikolai Kalinkin.

RenovaStroyGroup-Akademicheskoye intends to spend more than 1 billion RUR on environmental projects (including the introduction of green areas and water zones) in Yekaterinburg’s new Academic district over the next three years. The money will be directed to bank protection and improvement of the River Patrushikha and a creation of a fifty-four-hectare central park and a number of green areas in the living quarters.

Experts believe all this will make Academic Yekaterinburg’s most environmentally safe district.

‘The local environmental community will keep an eye on the compliance with the ecological regulations as this unique developer project is being implemented,’ Nikolai Kalinkin noted.

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