Academic is Russia’s most thorough project, Russian Government says

8 August 2008 (11:41)

Russian regions must provide the housing allotments with engineering infrastructure, Deputy Minster for Regional Development Sergey Kruglik said in the course of a press conference.

The minister reported the Russian Government would subsidize the regions’ housing programs as soon as in the year 2009.

At the same time, Minister for Regional Development Dmitriy Kozak announced during a videoconference a day earlier that subsidies would only be given to regions with multi-faceted area development programs. Apart from this, the regions must deal in some state-private partnership projects (involving some large-scale investors) successfully. Academic construction project in Yekaterinburg is one example of this cooperation in Sverdlovsk Region. The project provides for 9 million square meters of housing and 4.2 million square meters of commercial estate. The city’s new district in the south-west of Yekaterinburg will become a home for 325,000 people.

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