Sverdlovsk Region has potential for multi-faceted area development, Galina Artemieva says

31 July 2008 (10:38)

‘I believe Sverdlovsk Region has great potential for drawing up and implementing some multi-faceted area development projects,’ region’s Duma Deputy Galina Artemieva said to UrBC.

The Russian Government stated recently that the federation’s constituent entities with special long-term multi-faceted area development programs were going to receive some substantial funding from the federal authorities meant for putting up engineering and social infrastructures. Apart from such projects, the region must deal in some state-private partnership projects (involving some large-scale investors) successfully. According to the expert’s estimates, Sverdlovsk Region might receive some 2.5 billion RUR in the form of federal subsidies in 2009 in case all the requirements are met.

‘We’ve been working on some multi-faceted area development programs for a while now. Academic construction project in Yekaterinburg is one example of this; besides, we’ve got projects in some other parts of the region. I feel we should fight for every chance to get some extra money for the region’s budget,’ Galina Artemieva noted.

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