Russian Railways Public Company violates overtime regulations, engine crews say

6 August 2008 (09:12)

Russian Railways Public Company violates the existing labor code in terms of regulations related to paying for working overtime, Russian Trade Union of Railway Engine Crews’ website states.

‘According to the Article 11 of Russian Federation Labor Code, the rules apply to all kinds of employers regardless of form of ownership. Russian Railways Public Company’s employees must be paid 1.5 times more for every extra hour of work, while Article 152 of Russian Federation Labor Code states that these sums apply to the first two hours of overtime, while all the other hours must get a double pay. At the same time, all the local regulations imposed by the employer which make things worse for employees cannot work, and the labor code is to be used. Our Union has been trying to get the proper pay for working extra hours for a long time now,’ the site says.

One of Yekaterinburg’s Justices of the Peace has already made a decision that favors the Union’s demands, so engine crews of Perm-Sortirovochnaya depot will get their money from Sverdlovsk Region Railways (a member of Russian Railways Public Company).

‘Despite this recent victory of its workers, Russian Railways Public Company is still not doing anything about making sure the employees get their fair pay for working overtime,’ the Union reports.

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