Metro Cash & Carry violates labor code, trade union claims

8 April 2009 (09:57)

‘Metro Cash & Carry underwent an inspection by the public prosecution authorities on April 2-3, 2009. Quite a number of violations were detected in the process.

Firstly, most of the store’s employees are working under harmful labor conditions, but the company does not bother to compensate them for this.

Secondly, there aren’t nearly enough people employed, so the workers are forced to do two or three people’s amount of work. Besides, the labor agreement does not say what the worker’s position and working place is, which results in the employees being constantly rushed from one department to another (and this is a violation of the existing laws),’ head of Yekaterinburg Trade Networks trade union Alexander Brusnitsin said to an UrBC reporter.

The region’s public prosecution authorities decided to inspect the store after the trade union’s numerous complaints.

‘The company does not seem to be ready to cooperate with the inspectors in the slightest. The inspection was therefore extremely slow and difficult. They kept refusing us certain documents, and we still haven’t been able to look at some of them. For one, we wanted to see some data on time management, as they have the electronic clock-in system which allows one to check how much time each worker actually spends at work. The company claimed, however, that the papers would have no legal effect whatsoever,’ Brusnitsin added.

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