SKB-Bank raises interest rates on ruble deposits on August 1, 2008

1 August 2008 (08:02)

SKB-Bank is to raise the interest rates it offers on its ruble deposit types by 1% (compared with June 30, 2008) on August 1, 2008. The bank’s Deposit Operations Director Denis Belogurov says this new offer involves their World Standard and Gold Standard deposit schemes.

‘The summer season is coming to an end, and people usually get more active business-wise around this time of the year. This is why we decided to raise the interest rates, reacting partly to ongoing inflation rate growth and trying to keep to our levelheaded interest-setting policy at the same time. SKB-Bank last went through with an increase in the interest rates on deposits in November 2007,’ Denis Belogurov notes.

In addition to the nicer interest rates, SKB-Bank offers its customers living in Sverdlovsk Region a chance to spend the end of summer in Sochi. The bank’s special prize-winning offer consists of three vacations at the local health resorts and one vacation in Sochi, in the south of Russia. The first winner is already on their way to Zeleniy Mys, one of the region’s picturesque resorts; the next drawing has been scheduled for August 10, 2008. The offer is coordinated by Sverdlovskkurort.

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