SKB-Bank raises its Gold Standard effective interest rate

18 September 2007 (13:06)

SKB-Bank decided to celebrate its eighth anniversary by raising the effective interest rate offered on its Gold Standard deposit.

‘Even though banks have been lowering their interest rates on deposits lately, SKB-Bank decided to go for the opposite, since we are trying to remain a client-friendly business. I believe this ‘gift’ is going to make our customers quite happy; a bank deposit, after all, is still the most reliable way of both safekeeping your money and making it bring you some income,’ SKB-Bank’s Deposits Director Denis Belogurov observes.

‘As a matter of fact, this is not the only instance of SKB-Bank’s enhancing the profitability of its deposit offers. We are planning on raising interest rates on our World Standard deposit as well,’ Mr. Belogurov added.

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