SKB-Bank raises deposit interest rates on its birthday

5 October 2007 (14:06)

SKB-Bank decided to celebrate the company’s birthday with a whole range of pleasant surprises for its customers. The bank’s anniversary at the beginning of November will probably be remembered for special offers on deposits, namely, increased interest rates.

SKB-Bank’s customers could enjoy better deposit yields from mid-September if their money was in Gold Standard deposit, since the effective interest rate reached 14.37%. The interest on the World Standard deposit came to 13.8% on October 1, 2007.

‘Even though banks have been lowering their interest rates on deposits lately, SKB-Bank decided to raise them in order to celebrate its anniversary. I believe this ‘gift’ is going to make our customers quite happy; a bank deposit, after all, is still the most reliable way of both safekeeping your money and making it bring you some income,’ SKB-Bank’s Deposits Director Denis Belogurov observes.

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