Apartment buildings in Bazoviy Lane still not commissioned by Mayak

30 June 2008 (08:49)

‘Nothing has changed regarding the apartment buildings in Bazoviy Lane over last month. Even though there are no legal reasons why Mayak, the developer, should not be given the commissioning permit, Yekaterinburg’s municipal authorities prevent them from getting it,’ Mayak’s Vice President Alexander Kobernichenko announced in the course of a monthly meeting on the socially important construction in Sverdlovsk Region. The meeting was chaired by Governor Eduard Rossel.

‘The city council has numerously claimed that the buildings don’t get commissioned because of their clashes with us related to the volume of housing we must yield to the council. I would rather not speak about this issue at the moment,’ Alexander Kobernichenko added.

A tender was held in July 2004 to decide who was going to put up the apartment block in Bazoviy Lane meant for militia officers. The land allotment belongs to Yekaterinburg’s Department of Internal Affairs; as for the builder, Mayak Corporation was chosen. The developer promised to put up four apartment buildings and have them commissioned in September 2005 (the tender’s initial deadline was December 2005) with the necessary engineering infrastructure. 25% of housing (13,158.9 square meters) were supposed to be given to the officers. All in all, the area of 10.21 hectares was to be used to put up four buildings (eighteen, twenty, twenty-two, and thirty-nine storeys).

These obligations were not met by the developer. In the meantime, Mayor of Yekaterinburg Arkadiy Chernetskiy once said all of Mayak’s claims were not true.

‘I’m totally positive that the developer is giving us deceptive information. Mayak’s own greediness drove them to a stalemate. If the company wants to solve the problem, they have to give the officers as much housing as they have promised,’ the Mayor noted.

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