Mayak Corporation gets into trouble, says Mayor of Yekaterinburg

5 May 2008 (09:05)

Mayak Corporation’s management still cannot get its apartment buildings in Bazoviy Lane commissioned, the company’s President Marina Konkova announced in the course of a monthly meeting chaired by Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel.

Yekaterinburg’s municipal council provided the developer with the land allotment in Bazoviy Lane in order for the latter to put up apartments for a few hundred families, including about a hundred militiamen. Mayak Corporation then promised to offer 13,000 square meters worth of apartments to the officers, yet, according to Mayor of Yekaterinburg Arkadiy Chernetskiy, the builder re-designed several buildings so as to create fewer apartments and more offices. As a result, the company can only provide the officers with 11,000 square meters of housing.

Arkadiy Chernetskiy claims the company’s President is trying to mislead the public.

‘I am positive the corporation isn’t telling us the whole truth. When I saw the builder’s representatives on April 28, 2008, I proposed one way out. If they don’t feel like going for it, let them stick to the contract they have with the municipality. If the militiamen agree to get 20% less in terms of housing, I will accept this. If the authorities don’t agree to this, I cannot risk approving of a breach of contract,’ he said.

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