Mayak Corporation isn’t telling the truth, Mayor claims

20 March 2008 (09:20)

‘Everything Mayak Corporation says is untrue. The apartments the company was obliged to allocate to militia only concerned two newly put up buildings,’ Mayor of Yekaterinburg Arkadiy Chernetskiy claimed in the course of a monthly meeting on the local construction projects chaired by Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel. The Mayor referred to the apartment blocks in Bazoviy Lane, Yekaterinburg. Mayak Corporation’s President Marina Konkova, who made a report at the meeting as well, said the buildings couldn’t get commissioned because of the municipal authorities’ counterwork.

‘We suggest commissioning the finished buildings, allocating 11,000 square meters to the militia, and getting the construction permits for the third and the fourth buildings, so that the militia can get extra square meters later,’ she proposed.

‘The company had no permission whatsoever to put up their third and fourth buildings. Moreover, Mayak re-designed its first and second buildings without asking the authorities first; as a result, the number of apartments went down, while the number of offices (no part of which the builder is obliged to allocate to anyone) was raised. If it is interested in the settlement of the conflict, the corporation must allocate as many apartments to the militia as the contract provided for. And then they can start negotiating for the construction of new buildings,’ Mr. Chernetskiy said.

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