METCOMBANK to raise number of cards, Alexander Peshin says

27 June 2008 (09:28)

‘We have already issued quite a few cards, especially for our partners’ salary projects. We are currently servicing about 70,000 cards and planning to increase their number to several hundred thousands thanks to our own processing center. Cards will be launched in all the parts of Russia where the bank operates, from Irkutsk Region to Moscow,’ METCOMBANK’s Plastic Card Director Alexander Peshin said to UrBC.

METCOMBANK expects to launch its own processing center at the beginning of July 2008.

‘Having our own processing center means offering a customer a card will take less time; besides, we are going to run two rather than just one personification bureaus. In case a customer needs a card urgently, we can provide them with the ‘instant’ card that will be available within one hour. As for higher class cards, a little wait is inevitable,’ Alexander Peshin observed.

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