Processing center means more offers, METCOMBANK says

‘METCOMBANK has been concentrating on bank card projects for the last few years, and without our own processing center, we had to use the services of one Moscow-based bank. But this gradually proved insufficient, we kept facing certain technical limitations that the current scheme could not overcome,’ METCOMBANK’s Plastic Cards Director Alexander Peshin said to UrBC.

‘So we finally decided to set up our own processing center. The center is nearly ready to be launched and is expected to start operating at the beginning of July 2008. After we switch to the new processing system (provided for us by Compass Plus), we’ll able to implement our own programs, issue all kinds of bank cards, and shape our own bank card development policies. We will come up with our own card solutions and make nice new offers to our customers,’ Alexander Peshin noted.

‘For one, our own processing center means we can introduce a whole range of credit card offers and probably switch to chip-based cards. I have to say, though, that it is early times yet to speak of any particular products – they are still being worked on at the moment,’ he added.

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