SKB-Bank launches VISA Electron Instant Issue

4 December 2007 (09:15)

SKB-Bank has recently launched a new bank card for natural persons known as VISA Electron Instant Issue.

'VISA Electron Instant Issue is an ‘emergency card’ of sorts that is offered to customers who don’t have time on their hands to wait for the regular card. It often happens that one really needs a card for, say, traveling abroad, going away on business, getting some cash urgently or making a non-cash payment. In some cases, the principal card gets lost, stolen, or damaged. It can might also become invalid due a name change, but a customer still needs the money they had in their account, and this is when we offer them a Visa Instant Issue at once,’ SKB-Bank’s Card Management Director Sergey Mamaev says.

This bank card looks like a regular Visa Electron (it does not have the name of the cardholder on it, though) and is accepted throughout the whole VISA network.

'SKB-Bank is very focused on developing this card segment. Not only do we build up on the number of cards issued (we’ve already provided our customers with 410,000 ones), but we are also trying to improve on our service, quality, and infrastructure. We’ve got 220 ATMs in more than fifty different cities of Russia today,’ he adds.

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