Khortytsa wins Gold Star at United Vodka

29 May 2008 (09:19)

The agenda of this year’s Cannes film festival included United Vodka tasting contest as usual. This is Europe’s largest and most prestigious contest founded by United Vodka & Spirits association in Belgium in 2000. The contest aims to unite vodka and strong drink manufacturers in their efforts to promote their best brands on the new markets. Over 600 vodka brands take part in the event every year. This year’s event was attended by companies from Belgium, Germany, Sweden, France, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries. Some old-time vodka technologists as well as young experts and the strong drinks world’ most famous bartenders were invited to form the board of assessors and evaluate the drinks through blind testing.

Khortytsa has taken part in United Vodka contest for the first time this year and was able to get the greatest number of quality and design awards – six of them altogether. Moreover, this was the only brand to get the unique Gold Star prize. Khortytsa’s awarding ceremony was attended by international media reporters, some film stars, and the world’s major vodka manufacturers and strong drinks importers.

Khortytsa has already won over 250 awards over the four years of its existence, including the Grand Prix at ProdExpo 2008 in Moscow, the awards at DI Vodka Challenge 2008 in London, at World Spirits Competition 2008 in San Francisco, and the Brand of the Year award in Russia last year.

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