DCC doesn’t own 31.7924% of MRSK’s shares, Accord Invest says

27 May 2008 (09:19)

‘Deposit Clearing Company (DCC) is one of this company’s large nominee shareholders that takes part in RTS trading,’ says Accord Invest’s Deputy GD Konstantin Selyanin.

The stock of ordinary shares of Urals Interregional Network Company (MRSK) owned by Deposit and Corporate Technologies has recently dropped from 100% to 51.51%, while DCC acquired a 31.7924% shareholding on May 26, 2008.

‘It’s obvious, though, that in this case it’s not DCC that owns these 31.7924% of MRSK’s shares, these are some other entities, probably the management or key stockholders of MRSK itself. At the same time, DCC can perform certain functions delegated by the immediate shareholders,’ Konstantin Selyanin notes.

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