Western funds might want to buy Goryaev’s share of Kalina’s stock, Konstantin Selyanin of Accord Invest says

30 July 2007 (12:48)

‘A portion of Concern Kalina’s shares that used to belong to General Director Timur Goryaev could be interesting for a number of western investors who deal in the same kind of business. At the same time, I am inclined to think that these kinds of companies are primarily interested in acquiring the majority shareholding and not the blocking one, even though some venture capital funds have been buying blocking minority shareholdings for speculation purposes lately,’ Konstantin Selyanin, Director of the Ural branch of Accord Invest Ltd., said to UrBC.

Mr. Gorayev reduced his share in Kalina’s authorized capital from 30.0031% to .0328%, or by 29.9703%.

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