SKB-Bank introduces Credit Agents

26 May 2008 (09:17)

SKB-Bank has recently introduced a new vacancy known as a Credit Agent. Once you become the bank’s credit agent, you get a commission for any loan that the bank was able to issue thanks to you. Your commission depends on the type of loan a customer has applied for.

The bank offers the position to private individuals whose job involves interacting with plenty of people (like managers, HR department workers, trade union leaders, and the like) and any active and energetic people who are prepared to work hard and who’d like to expand their professional horizons.

This is how the scheme works: a credit agent finds the potential borrower, the borrower then takes a loan from SKB-Bank, and the agent gets a commission. This means the agent has some additional income, builds up on their client base, and improves sales without having to quit their primary job.

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