SKB-Bank cancels commission on loan

11 July 2008 (10:27)

SKB-Bank came up with a new offer for its customers, who now don’t have to worry about any commission on a loan. The offer is currently available for customers who apply for a loan with the collateral known as ‘loan to a friend’. The money can be transferred into the customer’s bank card account if they like, and the customer does not have to pay the 2% commission. In case the borrower uses the money through non-cash operations, this will be commission-free for them as well, SKB-Bank’s press officer reports.

SKB-Bank’s Consumer Lending Director Konstantin Bogatyrev says this is a good offer for customers who prefer non-cash settlements.

‘The economy is simple: the borrower gets a bank card free of charge, then the money is transferred into their card account without a 2% commission thanks to the non-cash way of handling money. This is great for customers who want to use the loan to pay for something by card or take the card with them on vacation,’ he notes.

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