ROSNO holds conference on medical insurance

24 April 2008 (09:13)

The Ural branch of ROSNO, the insurance company, held a conference on voluntary health insurance for large and medium-scale businesses; this was part of the All-Russian project on Personnel’s Health.

The conference was attended by top executives, CFOs, and HR managers of forty-two enterprises and organizations located in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region. They had a chance to discuss the peculiarities of health insurance market and get exhaustive information on the advantages of voluntary health insurance within companies with ROSNO employees. In addition, reports were made by the city council representatives, tax officers, and staff of the municipal healthcare center.

All the attendees agreed that offering an employee a mere average pay is no longer enough; a quality benefits package, built upon voluntary health insurance, is a must nowadays, while medical insurance is becoming one of the major personnel motivating factors as well as a way of cutting down on sick-leave expenses.

‘One of the advantages of ROSNO’s medical insurance package lies in the fact that the sum insured exceeds the price of the insurance policy by several hundred times, so the insured can count on a virtually unlimited amount of medical assistance. This saves money, too: the sum insured for outpatient treatment comes to 2,250 RUR, that for hospital service comes to 4,500 RUR, that for emergency call service comes to 600,000 RUR. Besides, ROSNO provides one with full medical insurance that covers a wide range of illnesses that other insurers normally don’t deal with, including STDs, a number of skin diseases, reparative surgery for cardiovascular illnesses, and so on,’ ROSNO’s press officer said to UrBC.

Moreover, ROSNO has a package that offers customers additional quality guarantees through monitoring customer satisfaction and regular examinations of clinics by certified doctors (ROSNO has a license allowing it to assess the quality of medical service).

The company’s Ural branch has so far provided some 22,000 people with voluntary medical insurance, including employees of MTS, Citibank, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, Ural Oil Company, and some others. The insurer has over 110 agreements with healthcare establishments based in Sverdlovsk Region.

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