ROSNO Insurance Company gets independent examination results on damage done to UralTransBank

15 January 2007 (15:46)

ROSNO Insurance Company used its right provided by the general agreement to conduct the independent examination by auditors and consultants in order to estimate the accrued loss incurred by UralTransBank after the insured event, reports Investments and Banks Information Agency.

After the meeting of Federal Insurance Surveillance Agency executives devoted to the clash between ROSNO and UralTransBank regarding credit insurance, the agency strongly recommended that the bank allow the insurer to conduct an independent examination of the accrued loss. ROSNO used FBK Company Ltd., an independent auditing and consulting firm, in order to assess the damage done to UralTransBank by the occurrence of the insured event. The independent expert said that the bank had not provided enough papers to calculate the loss and make the insurer pay a justified compensation.

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