ALNAS sets up new shop in Buguruslan

22 April 2008 (09:15)

ALNAS (known as ALNZ at RTS exchange and part of ChTPZ Group) set up a new maintenance shop for electric-centrifugal pump units in Buguruslan, Orenburg Region. This shop is to become a part of the company’s maintenance center, originally established in 2005 and servicing 1,200 oil wells (belonging to Orenburgneft, Saratovneftegas, SANEKO, and some others) at the moment, ChTPZ Group’s press officer reports.

‘ALNAS is planning to expand the range of services it offers to oil companies through introducing a full range of oil well services such as supervising of wells, maintaining the producing strings and the oilfield equipment and repair and overhaul. Besides, our network is expected to grow even further this year both at home and abroad,’ says the company’s BOD member Vladimir Khristenko.

‘I am positive that TNK BP will always be interested in ChTPZ Group’s maintenance offers. I congratulate you on the wise switching from production to service,’ Orenburgneft’s GD Alexander Berman said at the shop’s opening ceremony.

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