ChTPZ Group’s enterprises to take part in 21st World Petroleum Congress

June 17, 2014. The member enterprises of ChTPZ Group’s pipe manufacturing and maintenance division are going to take part in the 21st World Petroleum Congress in Moscow on June 16-19; their aim is to present their newest developments in the field of oil production and transportation.

According to the company’s press service, ChTPZ Group’s stand will represent both the pipe manufacturing and the O&G maintenance divisions and will be illustrative of the company’s strategy targeted at meeting all the various needs of the O&G sector enterprises. During the exhibition, ChTPZ Group’s member enterprises will demonstrate the newest technologies aimed at enhancing the efficiency of oil production and transportation.

‘Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant will present its premium class casing and compressor pipe couplings. The Group’s O&G maintenance division, Rimera, will present some products designed by a number of its member enterprises: Almetyevsk-based Alnas has come up with a new range of highly efficient electrically driven centrifugal pumps, Izhneftemash has its new break-out tongs KPT-2M – these were tested successfully at Udmurtneft’s oil wells. The member enterprises of Main Line Machinery sector will present a pipe spool made of SOT-manufactured bend with unique corrosion-resistant coating and of MSA-manufactured ball valve,’ the company reports.

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