Contact is best value for money, SKB-Bank’s customers say

10 April 2008 (09:01)

Three Portuguese cities and a town located in Israel joined Contact in March 2008; in addition, the system users can now handle money orders to Vietnam and the Czech Republic.

‘SKB-Bank has been supporting this money order system for over two years now; our customers say this is the best value for the money. Contact’s recent expansion proves that this system is one of this country’s most mobile and dynamic ones at the moment. Moreover, Contact offers its customers a wide range of services in addition to the money orders proper, like mobile payments to banks, businesses, and organizations,’ says Lyudmila Belyaeva, SKB-Bank’s Commission-Based Services Director.

Contact money order system has been competing quite successfully with Western Union and MoneyGram while offering services at fees that often come to only half of what its rivals would charge you.

This March, Contact has become available to people in 286 new outlets, twenty-one new cities, and nine new banks.

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