Autoland backs out of debates

A number of Yekaterinburg car centersí top executives and Chairman of Yekaterinburg Consumer Rights Committee coordinated a round table discussion on whether being a car dealer is easy at one of the local press centers. The points on the agenda included issues like the local automobile marketís saturation, the quality of the supplied cars, and some other points.

One of the quests who failed to arrive was Natalya Nagornova, Autolandís Marketing and Advertising Director, but she never showed up, thus proving once again that this car dealer tends to lack informational transparency and is unwilling to comment on the local marketís development trends.

At the same time, the companyís official blog keeps featuring some articles that could be seen as offensive for the mass media. Some such articles dwelled upon the media that commented on former GD Evgeniy Terebeninís resignation. According to Capital newspaper, for example, Ford was only the third best-selling car in Ural Federal District; this brand was preceded by Toyota and Chevrolet, despite the fact that Ford is normally number one or two in other parts of Russia. The newspaper says this could be the reason for Autolandís GD Evgeniy Terebeninís recent demotion: Ford can only blame Autoland for a decrease in sales in the Urals, as this company is Fordís only dealer in Ural Federal District, Capital explains. Another newspaper believes Mr. Terebenin might have been forced to leave after some ugly scandals related to unfair competition and information warfare targeted against the car dealerís rivals. Those were this companyís managers and PR clerks who were believed to be involved in online guerilla warfare of sorts aimed at protecting Autolandís interests.

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