Toyota, Chevrolet, and Ford top sales in Ural Federal District

26 March 2008 (09:03)

‘Last year, Ford was only the third best-selling car in Ural Federal District; this brand was preceded by Toyota and Chevrolet, despite the fact that Ford is normally number one or two in other parts of Russia,’ Capital reports.

The newspaper says this could be the reason for Autoland’s GD Evgeniy Terebenin’s recent demotion.

‘Mr. Terebenin was unofficially reported to be demoted due to the customers’ numerous complaints. At the same time, the market players feel the consumer dissatisfaction has nothing to do with it. They believe one of the holding’s proprietors started experiencing problems with the business development, partly because of the factual market situation. However, Ford can only blame Autoland for a decrease in sales in the Urals, as this company is Ford’s only dealer in Ural Federal District,’ Capital explains.

Former GD Evgeniy Terebenin was appointed the Regional Development Director; he will be succeeded in his earlier position by Konstantin Kudryavtsev, the company’s former Regional Director in Ufa and Magnitogorsk.

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