We stick with schedule, Stanislav Pridvizhkin says

30 June 2008 (08:59)

A report was made by Academic construction project’s manager Stanislav Pridvizhkin in the course of a monthly meeting on the socially important construction in Sverdlovsk Region. The meeting was chaired by Governor Eduard Rossel.

‘We manage to stick with the construction schedule. Eight cranes are currently employed at the site, and all the engineering infrastructure is to be commissioned in the third quarter of this year. The water conduit will be commissioned in the very near future,’ Stanislav Pridvizhkin said.

The Governor and the region’s Minister of Construction and Housing Maintenance and Utilities Alexander Karlov spoke very highly of the builder’s work.

‘I’ve visited the site recently; Academic is a good construction site, and the building process goes very smoothly. This is something everyone present can learn from the builder,’ Alexander Karlov said.

‘Good job!’ said Eduard Rossel.

In addition, the participants of the meeting were shown a video of builders at work.

After the meeting was over, Stanislav Pridvizhkin explained to a UrBC reporter that the videos of the events at the construction site were broadcast online, which means any expert can follow the entire process without even leaving his or her study. Pridvizhkin added Governor Eduard Rossel was watching the videos as well, as the images were broadcast right into the government house.

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