Settlement services and cash transactions are most popular service with businesses, SKB-Bank says

22 February 2008 (09:09)

Settlement services and cash transactions are the most popular baking service with the Russian businesses at the moment, a recent marketing research on the banking and insurance services to businesses shows. Loans were the second most popular service, as over 45% of respondents admitted they borrowed money from banks at some point or other.

Bank cards and salary accounts were rated as the third most popular service, with 43% of those surveyed using it, followed by international payments (used by 21.2% of respondents) and bank deposits (used by 19.5% of the surveyed companies’ top managers). In addition, 16.8% and 13.6% of respondents used guaranteed transactions and investment services, respectively.

According to the survey, only 10.1% of the companies surveyed need depositary services, only 11.7% use banks to transfer their valuables, and the mere 3% of respondents don’t use banks at all, which might mean that nearly every business has to cooperate with a bank nowadays.

The increasing demand for their services makes banks continuously expand the range of products they offer. SKB-Bank, for instance, is offering the traditional services alongside with the new ones like leasing and factoring.

The survey involved 2,200 leading Russian companies with over 500 employees operating in different parts of Russia in all the fields of the country’s economy. The companies’ top managers were given multiple choice questions with more than one answer option.

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