MSA a.s. and ALLPORT International Pvt.Ltd. to set up joint venture in India

19 December 2007 (09:11)

МSА a.s., the Czech fittings manufacturer and part of ChTPZ Complex Pipe Systems, and ALLPORT International Pvt. Ltd. of India signed an agreement that will enable the parties involved to set up a joint venture called MSA Allport Pvt. Ltd. in India. The new business will largely aim to handle export and import of pipe fittings, pipes and their parts, forgings, and castings, as well as to produce pipe fittings and their components.

МSА and ALLPORT are going to get equal shareholdings, with one representative from each company to be appointed one of the BOD members.

The new joint venture will make it possible for МSА a.s. to cut down on the prime cost of their produce through reduced spending on materials and production; then, their produce is believed to grow much more competitive. In addition, the shipments will take less to reach the customer and will also become cheaper for consumers based in Asia.

'Doing business with ALLPORT International Pvt. Ltd., with its vast client base, means we can enter the Asian market, while MSA will contribute its experience, technologies, know-how, and the well-known brand to the project. Launching a joint venture is part of our developmental strategy aimed at improving on the quality of our goods and making MSA more competitive on the global pipe fittings market,’ Chairman of MSA’s Supervisory Board Vladimir Khristenko says.

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