4 December 2007 (09:09)

MOTIV, one of Sverdlovsk Region’s mobile operators, came up with a new tariff scheme that came to be called NEXT FRESH. The new tariff’s major peculiarity is that your conversations are being charged per every second (rather than minute), and all outgoing calls will cost you only .03 RUR per second regardless of whether you call someone who is MOTIV‘s subscriber or not, MOTIV’s press officer reports. In addition, all calls within MOTIV’s network are only charged for the first minute of one’s conversation and are free from then on.

'Over the eleven years of our existence, MOTIV has come up with totally new products many times and thus shaped the whole regional mobile communication market. NEXT FRESH is part of the whole line of NEXT tariff family that offers good schemes for those who use their phone a lot, for those who make a lot of calls within MOTIV’s network, for those who mainly need their mobile phones in the summer, and now we’ve got a scheme for those who value their every word. NEXT FRESH is a truly cost-effective and transparent scheme that lots of our customers have been looking forward to,’ the company’s press officer Elena Radchenko says.

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