MegaFon launches new All-Russian Home tariff

22 February 2007 (08:18)

MegaFon, the mobile operator, launched a new All-Russian tariff scheme known as Home. The name reflects the scheme’s major advantage: it offers good prices for outgoing calls within the operator’s network.

‘Now that new landline fees have been introduced, using the mobile is often more advantageous, especially if the people you call most frequently are using the same operator,’ says MegaFon’s Sales Manager Larissa Tkachuk.

‘The sole reason why the new tariff scheme has been created was to give our subscribers a chance not to think about money when communicating with their relatives and friends, to let them get in touch more often and to speak for as long as they want, thanks to the low prices per minute,’ Ms Tkachuk explained.

Using new tariff does not require a monthly fee; in addition, one can further reduce the price of one’s calls using the tariff options known as Neighbors and The Happy Hours.

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