MOTIV undergoes restructuring

MOTIV, formerly one of Sverdlovsk Region’s telecommunications provider, expanded to become a telecommunications group operating in both Ural Federal District and Perm Territory at the end of 2007. Now the company offers its customers mobile communication as well as area and landline connection and Internet access. In addition, MOTIV now provides people living in Perm Territory with landline telephone connection, the company’s press officer reports.

This impressive expansion in terms of both geography and technology was made possible due to a major restructuring. For one, the new telecommunications business directions were singled out in separate entities: Yekaterinburg 2000 is now responsible for mobile communication, area connection is offered by European-Asian Mainlines, and international and long-distance calls are provided by Mobifon-2000.

Last year, MOTIV acquired Perm Telephone Company that owns licenses allowing the business to provide local telephone connection and rent communication channels within Perm Territory. The company is now planning to offer the whole range of communication services (including long-distance and international calls and broadband Internet connection) to the territory’s population.

'Having united in a telecommunications group under a single brand, we consolidated the potentials of a few formerly autonomous businesses, which meant we reached a new level of quality. Our aim is to offer the people of Ural Federal District and Perm Territory the best quality communication services,’ MOTIV’s press officer Elena Radchenko says.

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