UC RUSAL presents its website on aluminum in Sverdlovsk Region

UC RUSAL has been making presentations on its new website on aluminum (www.aluminiumleader.com) in towns and cities of Sverdlovsk Region lately. Two such presentations took place in Ural State Technical University and in Ural State University of Mines. Students were thus able to learn about the scientists who discovered aluminum and thought up a way to use it for industrial purposes as well as about the aluminum production process and the fields of its application. The presentations were followed by short documentaries about the future of the Earth and a discussion devoted to the global metal market.

'The main idea behind the site was to make aluminum more popular and change the way people think about it,’ UC RUSAL’s press officer Roman Lukichev says.
'I found the fact that aluminum was used for making jewellery alongside diamonds and gold simply amazing,’ says Svetlana Poluektova, a student of Ural State University of Mines.
'Aluminum has lots of potential, I’m positive it will only grow more popular due to its being malleable, light-weight, and corrosion-resistant,’ says student Ilnur Arslanov.

United Company RUSAL thought of creating a website on aluminum after a survey conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center. The survey aimed to find out Russian people’s attitude toward aluminum and to gauge their knowledge of the subject. ‘Aluminum is the most well-known metal in Russia, and the country’s industrial development as a whole is inherently connected with the development of aluminum industry in particular,’ the survey maintains.

UC RUSAL thought a good way of improving the general public’s awareness of the importance of aluminum would be to set up a special website http://www.aluminiumleader.com. This link now provides all the information available on this metal: its history, production technology, and fields of application. The site is meant to promote the whole branch rather than just this or that product, service, or company.

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