Noviy Grad’s problems stem from its own dishonesty, Right to a Dwelling claims

‘Yuri Repeta, chairman of Noviy Grad (the local developer), keeps saying the municipal authorities and NGOs are preventing the company from doing their job, which is why the buildings are commissioned with great delays, but this is not true,’ Vasiliy chairman of Right to a Dwelling, a local NGO, said to a UrBC reporter.

Mr. Ganzhin feels Mr. Repeta is simply trying to make people believe he plays by the rules while suffering from the outer intervention, yet all of Noviy Grad’s problems actually stem from the company’s own dishonesty.

‘Noviy Grad never fell prey to circumstances and is not procrastinating with the construction because of those. This company is plainly an unscrupulous builder that keeps violating the agreements it signs with its contractors (that is, different regions’ authorities, customers, co-investors, and so on),’ he observed.

In the meantime, Noviy Grad has already been blacklisted by the city council due to reports that no building has so far been commissioned by the developer without considerable delay. Besides, the company does not appear to comply with the national standards or the building code.

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