Noviy Grad still hasn’t finished building at 72 Khokhryakov St.

6 August 2008 (09:15)

Noviy Grad still hasn’t been able to finish the construction of an apartment block at 72 Khokhryakov St. in Yekaterinburg. The building was actually supposed to have been completed and commissioned in the year 2000, or nearly eight years ago. The first half of the year 2008 is over, but the building is still under construction; to make matters worse, both the building and the builder have been involved in a number of unpleasant clashes and scandals. For one, the local law-enforcement agencies are currently investigating the overselling of apartments in the future dwelling that was apparently carried out by SPEK, a company closely connected with Noviy Grad.

Noviy Grad has already been blacklisted by the city council, while some civic structures report not a single building the developer has ever worked on was commissioned in time. Besides, Noviy Grad is reported to violate the state standards and construction norms and regulations.

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