Evraz Group conducts independent audit in Urals-based enterprises

The spokesperson for Evraz Group reports the company has recently completed the independent technical audit procedures in its Urals-based ore mining enterprises. The audits of Vanadium Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise and of Vysokogorskiy Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise were carried out by the UK-based SPK Consulting Ltd’s international consultants.

This was the first time Evraz’ Ural companies underwent such an all-rounded examination. The auditors visited the grinding and processing shops, the railway management departments, the blasting shops, and all the mines. They evaluated the efficiency of the enterprises’ industrial and commercial activity, of the prospective mining plans, ways of using the companies’ major facilities, the quality control management, and of technologies used for recycling of waste. The audit procedures are expected to result in a report that will be used to draw up Evraz Group’s developmental strategy for its Sverdlovsk Region-based enterprises.

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