Governor of Chelyabinsk Region meets management of Tractor hockey club

5 September 2007 (13:33)

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin met the management of Tractor hockey club on the first day of the All-Russian hockey championship. The spokesperson for the Governor reports coach Andrei Nazarov and the club director Isaac Valitskiy made a report on how the team was getting ready for the new season in the super-league; in addition, Mr. Sumin was invited to the club’s first game against Saint Petersburg-based SKA hockey club.

Mr. Nazarov and Mr. Valitskiy asked if it was possible to restore Tractor’s training camp located near Lake Smolino. The Governor approved of this idea and asked his subordinates to start working on the design estimate documentation needed. The camp is supposed to be turned into both a modern training area and a place where sports players could get some rest.

Mr. Sumin says Tractor hockey club is one of Chelyabinsk Region’s prominent hallmarks; the club was able to retain its position in the super-league, and the Governor is hopeful the team will manage to make it to the play-off in the future. He also suggested that the club management should consider greater remuneration for coaches as a way of showing gratitude for their efforts in training great professional sports players and in working with the young players as well.

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