RENOVA Stroy Group announces open contest

29 August 2007 (11:58)

RENOVA Stroy Group announced an open contest on developing and promoting the concept of the future Academic district of Yekaterinburg; the winner will be able to sign a contract with the company.

Academic construction project is RENOVA’s first multi-faceted area development program currently implemented in Russia. The new district is to appear in the south-west of Yekaterinburg and is expected to occupy 2,500 hectares of land, with 1,200 hectares covered by forests and parks and 1,300 hectares used for putting up over 9 million square meters of housing and over 4.2 million square meters of buildings meant for commercial and socially important purposes. The district will become a new home to 325,000 people; the first living quarters will be put up as soon as this year, and the project will be fully finished in 2025.

According to RENOVA Stroy Group’s press officer, the company intends to create a real brand for the new district; the brand is supposed to reflect the uniqueness of this construction project and the exceptional living conditions it offers. In order to complete this task, RENOVA is going to use the experience of Russia’s leading brand agencies, which is why the open contest was organized. The applications can be submitted until September 30, 2007; the assessment panel will sum up the results and decide upon the winner on October 12, 2007.

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