Bavarian executives come to Yekaterinburg to see Academic construction project

5 April 2007 (14:46)

A group of Bavarian executives arrived in Yekaterinburg to see Academic construction project at the office of RENOVA Stroy Group on April 4, 2007. Among the German visitors are Bavarian Deputy Minister for Economics, Infrastructure, Transport, and Technology, Managing Director for Foreign Economic Relations of Munich Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CEO of Bayern International Reinhard Pfeiffer, and German Consul General in Yekaterinburg Tilo Klinner.

RENOVA’s guests aim to have a look at the project and discuss the possible cooperation prospects.

This new district is to appear in the south-west of Yekaterinburg and is expected to occupy 2,500 hectares of land, with 1,200 hectares covered by forests and parks and 1,300 hectares used for putting up over 9m square meters of housing and over 4.2m square meters of buildings meant for commercial and socially important purposes. Three highways will provide a link to the center of the city, and there is also going to be a high-speed tram service. This will become home to 325,000 dwellers, with houses and flats divided into five categories: 51% of dwellings will belong to economy class, 33% of them will be middle-class ones, 11% of the dwellings are to be classed as business class ones, with 4% and 1% belonging to premium class and town house class, respectively. Besides, a university campus and a large medical center will be created as well.

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