President of Sverdlovsk Region Tourist Information Center claims agreements offered by Euroset violate tourist trade laws

‘I’ve looked into the agreements offered by Euroset (a consumer electronics chain store that has recently started selling trips and tours), and I believe they fail to meet the requirements described in the current legislation on tourist trade, since these agreements contain neither the name of the travel agent nor that of the agent’s guarantor. The agency’s filing number is also missing,’ President of Sverdlovsk Region Tourist Information Center Vadim Viner said to UrBC.

‘Apart from that, the agreement doesn’t say anything about the company’s rights and obligations. There is not a single store that would provide its customers with full information on Euroset’s travel services,’ Mr. Viner noted.

In the meantime, Euroset’s spokesman Ochir Mandzhikov claims that the company has been very law-abiding; this is true of travel industry legislation as well.

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