Inna Tour claims Euroset had to stop acting as travel agent due to lack of prospects

'Euroset (a consumer electronics chain store) had to stop acting as a travel agent because this project totally lacked potential,’ says Director of Inna Tour Travel Agency Inna Averyanova.

'Euroset’s first problem was the lack of professionals. Today, a traveler is a clever and well-informed person, so he or she wants to be dealt with by a qualified employee. As regards Euroset, most of the staff are students holding part-time jobs. Then, the personnel have every other two days off, which means a customer has no opportunity of consulting the manager that handles their order at any time,’ Ms Averyanova said.

'Secondly, the company is totally unprepared to render travel services to their customers. It struck me from the very beginning that some leading tour operators actually agreed to do business with them. And, anyways, having your travel itinerary and all the other details discussed and thought over in a noisy place where people buy cell phones is rather inconvenient and not at all comfortable. I am inclined to think that Euroset just did not think through the whole thing thoroughly enough, so their expenses were way over their profits and they simply gave up on it,’ she observed.

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